Culmstock Primary School
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Class 3

Class 3 is Year 3 and Year 4. Taught by Mrs Kay White and Mrs Emma Francis. 

Class 3

In Class 3 we love reading!  We have access to a range of structured and banded books, as well as reading for pleasure books and topic books.  We have guided reading sessions, where children read and discuss a text in a group with an adult.

Our literacy lessons are  based around a text or a short film.  Children are taught about a range of text types which we then use across the wider curriculum, for example writing a report about volcanoes in our geography lessons.

In maths we work on developing children's fluency and  problem solving by using  whole class and small group teaching strategies.  Children have access to concrete resources to support their understanding. 

Science is a subject where we like to give children real life contexts for their learning.  For example, in our sessions about light we created adverts for the best sun protection and, following on from our work on shadows, we created shadow puppet theatres. The children worked in groups to put together a puppet show using traditional tales which we then performed for Key Stage 1.

We completed our learning about electricity with a number of challenges, focussed on the objectives for the unit of work.  The children  completed these challenges, which  included working as a group to make a burglar alarm.  They were then awarded Apprentice Electrician Certificates for their efforts.

In Class 3 we have a scientist of the week, awarded for a variety of reasons including team work, use of scientific vocabulary, explaining what they have discovered.  This child  gets to wear a lab coat and be 'the science technician' in the following lesson.   The children love this opportunity and it has really captured their imagination.

We enjoy a range of sporting activities at Culmstock Primary School and attend various external events across  Key Stage 1 and 2.  Some of the events Class 3 have been involved in  are inter school football matches, tennis competitions, swimming gala.

We also have had visiting sports specialists from Blundell's School and Premier Sports who provide fantastic coaching and skills.  

We enjoy being creative and in Class 3 we have investigated and created our own board games.  we had great fun trying them all out!  We have learned about Matisse and how he uses reflection in his artwork, linking this to our Science work on light. We also learned about Japanese artist Hokusai, creating our own versions of The Great Wave as collaborative art and individual collages.


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