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Religious Education

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Culmstock recognises how important the Religious Education curriculum is for children to grow and develop into respectful and well informed community members.

Through the RE curriculum our children will develop their understanding of Christianity and the principle religions represented in the UK; Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. In addition to this children will study other world views such as humanism. Children will be taught how to make sense of beliefs, make connections based on their learning and understand their impact of beliefs on themselves, their community and the wider world. We will teach them about religious culture, traditions and how a faith makes a difference to how a person lives.


We follow the Devon and Torbay Agreed Syllabus (2019-2024).

We teach our children to explore their own ideas and beliefs and be confident to ask ‘bigger’ questions whilst developing and maintaining the values of respect and tolerance towards the belief of others.

Children are taught to be inquisitive and encouraged to ask questions in all lessons.

Assessments in the form of ‘Quizzes’ are at the beginning, middle and end of all units of study to measure attainment and ensure long term knowledge is embedded.

Key vocabulary and knowledge is highlighted at the start of every unit through the use of a knowledge organiser.


Our children will have a good knowledge and respectful understanding about the diverse society and indeed world we live in.

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