Culmstock Primary School
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Class 5

Class 5 is Year 5 and Year 6. Taught by Miss Kathy Morrison. 

In Class 5, we put a big focus on fostering independence so that we are able to prepare and equip our upper key stage 2 children for their onward transition to secondary school.

We spend our mornings focused on our maths, writing, reading and spelling, closely following the curriculum throughout and building on prior knowledge that the children have gained.

We work hard on improving our arithmetic skills (both mental and written) through daily 10-minute sessions and regular mental challenges.

We aim to encourage a real love of reading within all our children, through sharing book recommendations and whole class reads that challenge our children whilst opening them up to new authors.

We explore a wide variety of styles of writing each term, inspired by great novels, developing new vocabulary and helping to build writers of our future.

In our afternoons, we develop our scientific thinking through regular investigations and scientific discussions; and we take the time to explore our creative sides through our art and DT projects, exploring a range of artists and styles.

We learn about the past world, the current world and the future of our world through our history and geography lessons and engage our children in learning about key historical events that built the world as it is now.

Physical education, sport and keeping healthy is something that, as a school, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of opportunities to our children, both during the curriculum and through extra-curricular clubs. We hope to send our children off to secondary school, with them having experienced enjoyment within a broad range of activities to keep them fit and healthy.

Unlike some city schools, our children are not always able to interact with other children from differing religions and cultures. As they move on to secondary school and further education, it is so important that we teach them about these different religions and cultures that they may meet people from and instil both respect and understanding in them. 

The mental well-being and feeling of safety for our children is paramount, so we partake weekly in PSHE lessons, focusing on social and emotional health, and promoting our British values.

Spring Term 2020

Unfortunately, our spring term was cut short, but that still allowed us plenty of time to fit in some learning and fun.

This half term we have been looking at Crime and Punishment through our topic lessons from the Anglo-Saxon era to the modern day. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the changes in crime and punishment, and we were lucky enough to have a visit from Detective Parkinson. He talked us through the process of analysing crime within the police force and brought in his vest, which the children loved trying on.

We have linked our English into this topic, studying the well-known book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The children have written descriptions, poetry and information texts just to name a few.

We have made a big focus on spellings this half term, utilising our fantastic EdShed membership to practise different spelling patterns weekly in a fun manner.

In maths, we have looked at interpreting and drawing line graphs, tables, bar charts and pie charts; as well as working with fractions in multiple ways. We have completed daily 5-minute maths challenges which have really helped to improve the children’s confidence with these skills.

We have trialled some whole guided reading sessions linked to our grammar this term through ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, which the children have found really enjoyable and has helped build new vocabulary for their own writing.

In Science, we have had the opportunity to do some forces investigation where the children have reminded themselves how to complete fair tests, how to control variables and how to scientifically discuss their findings.

On Valentine’s day, the children headed out with Mrs Francis and Mrs Jones for one of their Exmoor challenge practice walks which all the children did brilliantly well with. We have also had children represent the school at netball, football, hockey and athletics.




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